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 New Funny Jokes For You (Get In Here)

New Funny Jokes For You (Get In Here) 1. My friend wrote an application letter, instead of writing dear MADAM , he mistakenly wrote dear MADMAN Hope he’s still getting the job. 2. When a guy doesn’t love you anymore you will hear things like … baby why did you step on my shadow ? Do you want to injure my spirit ? It’s over please! 3. It’s only in NIGERIA people will knock on your door and still uses their mouth to do “ko-ko-ko” Nigerians…. But Y? 4. My friend when your crush finally texts you and say “Hi how are you?” Do not waste time just reply “I’m single and you?” I repeat do not waste time. 5. When you treat your woman nicely, God will bless you with another one . Am I making any sense? 6. Dear smokers, The kidney you are damaging with cigarette,why not sell it and buy G-wagon 7. Abeg I hate people replying me with “hmmmm” during chats or bringing it into our chats… It makes me remember the money I lost in MMM. 8. Ladies imagine walking into heaven & the kids you aborted shouts. “Angel Gabriel..!! na she be that..! See her see her!!! Na she b dat!!!! 9. Because a girl replied u with “thanks love ” You now rush to inbox her. Now she snubbed u. U see as u disgrace urself• 10. Women behave mature and intelligent during d period of pregnancy Because at d same time her body have 2 brains, the child’s & her own.

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